To develop and maintain: (1) the standards by which competitions qualify for USASF Sanctioning and the process and guidelines governing compliance, and (2) the approval process and criteria for event producer memberships including eligibility to offer Worlds bids.

Who is eligible to serve
USASF Tier 1 Member Event Producers.
Tier 1 Event Producer status.
Annual renewal, based on Tier 1 status.
Active participation, full support of committee outcomes and confidentiality as needed.

Convention Week
2017 Convention Week Details
Includes: Dates, Location, Hotel Reservation, & Schedule

Committee Reports
August 2014
Tiers 2,3,4


Steve Peterson USASF Jibreel Rayam Tammy Van Vleet USASF
Steve Peterson Darrell Bagby Jibreel Rayam Tammy Van Vleet Alisa Burch
& Corporate Alliance
All Star Challenge / Pac West Spirit Group / Spirit Cheer / The American Championships All Things Cheer Aloha Productions / Golden State Spirit Association / Mid-Atlantic Cheer America's Best Championship
ChristyWehner Regina Symons Justin Carrier USASF USASF
Christy Wehner Regina Symons Justin Carrier Nathan Dantzler Abel Rosa
American Cheer and Dance Academy American Cheer Power American Cheerleaders Association / National Cheerleaders Association & NDA American Spirit
Athletic Championships
Amber Koster USASF Colleen Little Ann Lehrmann Gwen Holtsclaw
Amber Koster Heather Petz Colleen Little Ann Lehrmann Gwen Holtsclaw
Champion Spirit Group / Nation's Choice Champion Cheer Central Cheer America Championships Cheer and Dance Extreme Cheer LTD
USASF Jeff Fowlkes Chad Lemon USASF David Hanbery
Glen Kingsbury Jeff Fowlkes Chad Lemon Tina Sexton David Hanberry
Cheer Tech Cheersport COA Cheer & Dance Coastal Corporation ECC
USASF Dan Kessler David Sims USASF Billy Smith
Cole Stott Dan Kessler David Sims Jeannine Sentiles Billy Smith
Encore / One Up Championships / Spirit Sports / World Spirit Federation Great Lakes Cheer / 
JAMZ Mardi Gras Spirit Events Spirit Celebration /
Cheer Gyms Association
Tres LeTard Tara Russell Teresa Barbiere Michael Burgess USASF
Tres LeTard Tara Russell Teresa Barbiere Michael Burgess Adam Thomas
Spirit Festival / Universal Cheerleaders Association Spirit Unlimited The Greater Midwest Cheer Expo United Spirit Association Universal Spirit
Darren DeMoss Jim Chadwick      
Darren DeMoss Jim Chadwick      
Worldwide Spirit Assoc. USASF President & Chairman