What's Your IQSTEP 1
Log on to USASF.net to find downloadable and sharable videos that introduce a new word each month that supports the overall theme of “Integrity.” The program encourages conversation in clubs and studios about how athletes, teams, coaches and owners can personally be the example, and encourage others to be the example, of that month’s word.

At the beginning of each month, post one of the mini-posters from below in your club or studio as an introduction and reminder of the word your program will be working on that month.

Use the Conversation Starter pages to lead team-building talks with athletes and coaches. Each page includes the definition of the word of the month, a quote that puts the definition in perspective, and WE Speak Challenge questions to answer, share and encourage each other to learn and grow. Between both Chapters of What’s Your IQ, there are a total of 24 word to discuss. You can choose to use them in the order in which they’re presented or shuffle them in an order that makes the most sense for you.

Note: Best practices for printing the “What’s your IQ” posters - 1. Use glossy photo paper. 2. Adjust the printer paper setting to glossy. 3. Set the quality setting to Best if applicable. An additional option is to place the poster file on a thumb drive and take it to a copy center.

Learn and recite the “IQ Pledge” regularly (found at the bottom of each months conversation starter document)! It’s the perfect way to start and end the practice. The pledge will unify athletes and coaches in their commitment to creating an integrity-centered All Star program.

Start the conversation! Download the videos and the Conversation Starters from USASF.net each month, and share them with your teammates, on your website and in social media. Be sure to use #WhatsYourIQ when you’re posting! Each month has a different story that can be shared. We encourage you to enjoy the team time and use the hashtag #ThisIsAllStar to spread the transferable skills of All Star!