The USASF trains and certifies Legality Officials for All Star Cheer and All Star Dance on an annual basis. Certification term is based on each annual All Star season. Typically the season begins in the fall and extends through the spring, with most training courses taking place over the summer months at our Regional Conventions. Additionally, there may be an option to take the course in September.

To receive certification, the Legality Official Candidates must:

  • Attended an in-person training session and attend all required sessions.*
  • Complete the Legality Official Certification test with a score of 80% or higher.**
  • Complete a background screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and receive a Green Light Screening Status using the designated USASF self-registration number 25453735. Legality Official candidates that have already completed the screening as a coach, will not need to apply for a new screening UNLESS their screening will expire on 7/31/2017.
  • Complete and receive a passing score for the Concussionwise course offered by the American Sports Education Program (ASEP). Legality official candidates who took this course for the 2016 training do not need to take the course for 2017.

Registration Fee: $75
Buy one - Get one Free: Legality Official Candidates may take both Cheer & Dance certification courses for the price of one.

Listed below are the details for the 2017-2018 Season:


In conjunction with Regional Conventions:

Chicago, IL
Cheer- Saturday, June 10th (2pm-9:30pm) & Sunday, June 11th (8am-12noon)
Dance - Sunday, June 11th (1pm-6pm)

Baltimore, MD
Cheer- Saturday, July 15th (2pm-9:30pm) & Sunday, July 16th (8am-12noon)
Dance - Sunday, July 16th (1pm-6pm)

Orlando, FL
Cheer- Saturday, July 22nd (2pm-9:30pm) & Sunday, July 23rd (8am-12noon)
Dance - Sunday, July 23rd (1pm-6pm)

Dallas, TX
Cheer- Saturday, July 29th (2pm-9:30pm) & Sunday, July 30th (8am-12noon)
Dance - Sunday, July 30th (1pm-6pm)

Las Vegas, NV
Cheer- Saturday, August 5th (2pm-9:30pm) & Sunday, August 6th (8am-12noon)
Dance - Sunday, August 6th (1pm-6pm)

Other Sessions after Regional Conventions:
Exact Dates to be announced soon (locations are tentative and may change)

Knoxville, TN
Cheer - September 2017 Dance - September 2017

Albany, NY
Cheer - September or October 2017
Dance - September or October 2017

Follow this link to register:

* New for the 2017-2018 season (cheer and dance):
Veteran Legality Officials, who scored 85% or better in 2016, will have the opportunity to test out for for the upcoming season. Eligible candidates will receive an email on or about May 15th with details and exact test dates. If you did NOT receive the email, please send an inquiry to the appropriate email below. Please read the following details about this option:

  • Available option for both Cheer and Dance Legality Officials.
  • Must have scored an 85% or higher on the first attempt in 2016.
  • Must complete webinar and then test.
  • Registration Fees: $125 for on-time registration and $175 late.
  • If candidate does not pass they will be able to attend a Regional Convention Legality Official Class/Test at no additional cost.

** New for the 2017-2018 season (cheer only):
Provisional certification will be awarded to those who score between 70% and 79%. Candidates who score between this range have shown an excellent base knowledge of the rules and meet the requirements of being a USASF Provisionally Certified Legality Official. We do suggest that these candidates be paired with a veteran judge.

For questions or additional information on Legality Official Training:
Cheer Legality Official Course questions:
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