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Dear USASF Members

As the USASF moves forward with a continued focus on the health and well being of our members, we view NOW as the time to begin shifting focus, aiming our efforts toward returning to the activity we love. Our crisis response was swift and effective, as pathways to discovering existing resources were uncovered and field-tested suggestions for navigating the unknown were shared with a singular goal of lifting the All Star community. The support and inspiration you have provided one another is unparalleled and we invite all of our members to march forward as one, remembering that together we will THRIVE.

The USASF’s principal role is unique in the great number and variety of individuals we serve. We will continue to listen and respond to ALL of our members’ needs and point you in the direction of expert knowledge and resources outside of All Star. We would like you to know that while we have been working diligently to provide quick-action strategies related to the crisis, we have also been developing plans that provide guidance related to your Return To All Star.

Public Health Measures & Compliance
USASF Return To All Star InfographicAs anxious as we all are to be reunited with our teams, it is important for every All Star member to follow the guidelines provided by their local and state government and health officials regarding activities that are permitted for your community according to the specific Phase of the 3-Phase Plan established by The White House and the CDC. We will aid in navigating these recommendations and regulations to ensure safety in our communities and to bolster member clubs as they venture into a ‘new normal’.

Athlete Readiness
USASF Member athletes have been greatly impacted by this unexpected time spent away from All Star cheer and dance. We recognize that physical atrophy and mental wellness are of the utmost importance as we prepare our athletes to return to the gym or studio. By connecting with health and wellness professionals who not only work with athletes, but also know the sport of All Star intimately, the Athlete Readiness phase will set our athletes on the road to success as they return to practice or rehearsal.

Business Reopening Strategy
Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis, business strategies have been shared in an effort to allow All Star clubs to remain operational while their doors are closed. As the United States swings toward reopening non-essential businesses, the strategies that will now be explored and shared will address how and when to open again, keeping in mind your plan should align with the Federal Government’s 3 phases. If you have not begun Phase One yet, now is the time to begin planning!

The USASF’s gratefulness for its member clubs, owners, coaches, athletes and families can not be over-expressed. The decisions that have been made have not been easy ones. We understand as well as anyone that organized activities such as cheer and dance, and all that they provide, are extremely important to those of us impacted by the recent events. Thank you all for your continued support as we move forward side-by-side as one, securing the future of All Star together.

- Jim Chadwick


A Message From Jim Chadwick, USASF President - March 30, 2020

Dear USASF Members,

Jim Chadwick GuidebookThe U.S. All Star Federation’s central focus has always been the health and well being of our All Star community. This encompasses the safety of our athletes and the sustainability of our clubs and, while this focus remains the center of our mission and our daily operations, it means something different during this time of crisis. We have asked ourselves, and pushed to find the answer to the question, “How can the safety and security of our members remain of paramount importance when things are rapidly and unpredictably changing?”.

Long before we were confronted with the direction to operate under social distancing orders, the USASF developed resources that provide leadership courses, enrichment programs, and growth and business builders to our members. While those resources still exist, we now ask you to look at them through a new lense and vow to help you discover tools that will allow you to weather this storm.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the USASF staff, volunteers and board for their efforts in supporting our members and leading our organization during this time. Their quick responses and unparalleled leadership have helped guide us all through this unnavigated crisis in a cohesive and positive way.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support of our members, particularly given the unprecedented challenges we will face in the weeks and months to come. You are the lifeblood of our organization and we value all you have done to keep All Star Cheer and Dance alive. The relationships our connections to the sport have enabled will buoy us through this difficult time. If frustration or fear rises, know that your connection to All Star Nation will keep you afloat. Together, we will not just survive- we will thrive!




Our efforts have focused on supporting our clubs to assist them in both leading their staff, participants and their families through these unprecedented times, as well as navigating the landscape as a small business owner with economic challenges. 
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We have been creating and compiling resources that will allow our athlete members to continue to train so they are ready to return to the gym or studio as soon as we are allowed. We also know that athlete mental health is of the utmost importance and have provided resources that will help connect them to their coaches, teammates and the sport they love.
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As an All Star parent during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to feel you don't have the support required to keep your athlete thriving in their sport. USASF recognizes this and strives to bring you resources that will allow you to help your cheer or dance athlete grow and maintain all that their hard work has brought them.
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Like other sports, we are faced with determining how to proceed with our championship event under government-ordered, large-group gathering limitations. We now have a page that addresses how we are moving forward with The Cheerleading Worlds and the Dance Worlds and will continue to update it with member safety at the forefront of our minds.
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On behalf of its members, the U.S. All Star Federation has established a relationship with one of the largest SBA lenders*, Newtek for the Payroll Protection Program that is part of the CARES Act:

  • Paycheck Protection Program is offering small businesses under 500 employees loan amount calculated at 2.5 times payroll
  • Loan can be used for payroll and overhead expenses as defined by the CARES act
  • If compliant, funds can be forgiven by the US government for maintaining a level of business activity & remaining compliant- above applies to Profit and Not for Profit
  • Above is subject to change based on SBA guidelines

If you have already begun working with your bank, a local lender or the SBA, we suggest you continue the process you have already started. If you have not begun the application process, follow this link [] to learn more about Newtek and begin the application process. When completing the form it asks "How did you hear about us?". Select “friend/word of mouth” and in the Questions/Comments box be sure to enter "USASF Steve Taylor" along with any questions or comments you may have.

Those businesses that do not qualify for the PPP may be eligible for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). We suggest you research both options thoroughly prior to applying as funds under the SBA EIDL may not be forgiven.

Here’s an article with some thorough information AND it links to government resources on the PPP and the EIDL:

The USASF is not receiving a referral fee from Newtek.