As a courtesy to current Program, Owner, Coach and Athlete Members with current eligibility through May 31, 2020 - we are extending eligibility through July 31st. 

The membership term does not change, however, due to the impact of COVID-19 we are implementing a grace period for membership renewal in order to ensure you continue to receive member benefits for an additional two months.

New members may join beginning June 1st for the new member term. Current members may also renew membership June 1st or later, but should know they will be covered through July 31st if they opt to postpone membership renewal.


Once it became apparent that gyms and studios would be required to stop their in-person training, the USASF shifted to crisis-response mode in order to support our member clubs, owners and coaches. The week of March 16th kicked off a series of weekly calls designed to connect owners so the USASF could support them and offer a place for questions to be asked and ideas to be shared.  

Our member clubs, as small businesses, face the same uncertainty and concern as other in-person operations that are non-operational under the ordered social distancing we are currently experiencing. By pooling our resources and relying on our members as real-time problem solvers, we approach these new hurdles together.

During these constantly evolving times, The USASF staff is diligently working to make sure our club owners and coaches have the resources they need to remain operational and viable. This includes discussing business operations and financial ramifications, as well as ways to support employees, athletes and athletes’ families. Each day new challenges emerge but our main goal of supporting ALL of our members has not waivered. The athlete’s physical, social and mental well being is of paramount importance, as is the ability to bring parents resources that will allow them to help their athletes remain successful in All Star.

The USASF will continue to work on the behalf of our members to collect and share solutions and education on how to use current resources that the USASF already has available. Thank you to all of our owner members who have shared their resources and ideas and let’s continue to move forward as one All Star Nation.


On behalf of its members, the U.S. All Star Federation has established a relationship with one of the largest SBA lenders*, Newtek for the Payroll Protection Program that is part of the CARES Act:

  • Paycheck Protection Program is offering small businesses under 500 employees loan amount calculated at 2.5 times payroll
  • Loan can be used for payroll and overhead expenses as defined by the CARES act
  • If compliant, funds can be forgiven by the US government for maintaining a level of business activity & remaining compliant- above applies to Profit and Not for Profit
  • Above is subject to change based on SBA guidelines

If you have already begun working with your bank, a local lender or the SBA, we suggest you continue the process you have already started. If you have not begun the application process, follow this link [] to learn more about Newtek and begin the application process. When completing the form it asks "How did you hear about us?". Select “friend/word of mouth” and in the Questions/Comments box be sure to enter "USASF Steve Taylor" along with any questions or comments you may have.

Those businesses that do not qualify for the PPP may be eligible for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). We suggest you research both options thoroughly prior to applying as funds under the SBA EIDL may not be forgiven.

Here’s an article with some thorough information AND it links to government resources on the PPP and the EIDL:

The USASF is not receiving a referral fee from Newtek. 


The immediate concern for club owners center around them being able to keep "operating" during the mandated shut-downs and closures. This includes financial considerations, such as paying rent and utilities, maintaining payroll and supporting staff, as well as ways to support their All Star athletes and families. The USASF staff and Connection Leaders have been listening to concerns, researching solutions and sharing this information with owners.  


Club owners have begun using this time away from their facilities to plan for the future and the USASF is encouraging members to re-examine their budget, revise (or create) their business plan, and utilize already-created USASF resources to develop a growth and retention strategy, create new revenue streams, develop an emergency plan, and decide how to integrate enrichment activities into their practices. The USASF staff and Connection Leaders have been sharing information and practical strategies for club owners to make them stronger after the crisis subsides.


USASF staff and Connection Leaders are hosting weekly calls specifically for Program Owners in direct response to the Covid-19 Crisis. The goal of these calls is to provide a platform for Program Owners to connect and share ideas in order to help one other navigate the unprecedented situation for their business. Under the exceptional direction of Connection Leader Chair, Kathy Penree, over 650 All Star owners have participated each week. Members are able to find the recorded video conferences, as well as a weekly document with the agenda and ideas discussed, in the USASF Member Connection.


All Star athletes' training and season came to a screeching-halt with recommendations of social distancing and required isolation. The sport that they love, and spend many hours each week (and month) pouring themselves into at practices and competitions has been paused. Not only has their physical involvement stopped, but their in-person social connections with their teammates and coaches have ceased and they are faced with the added stress and pressure trying to navigating distance learning. The USASF has been providing instruction and awareness on the already-available USASF resources for owners to utilize now as well as when they return to the gym or studio for in-person training. Additionally, the USASF has created new resources and compiled resources from our partners or other sources that may be helpful in supporting athletes' distance learning challenges and mental health state.


Navigating the new normal, and hopefully temporary, training environment utilizing technology can be a bit daunting. The USASF has led discussions where owners have shared their challenges and successes - as well as researched legal and liability considerations. Additionally, the USASF facilitated a video series called Healthy Athletes = Healthy All Stars as a way to kick-start digital resources for our Member Clubs.


The U.S. All Star Federation, in cooperation with Insight Risk Management and K&K Insurance Group, working on behalf of its members who utilize the USASF Gym Insurance Program to secure their liability and excess participant accident insurance have received approval to amend coverage to include Virtual Training so long as they meet the guidelines outlined here.

The intent of this amendment is to provide coverage for operations that involve live online streaming/real-time instruction or training with the gym program clients/members via the internet.

If your club secures insurance through a different entity, we recommend you reach out to your insurance provider to determine if your policy can be amended to cover such training.


Join the conversation, find and share resources in the USASF Connection. With so many unanswerable questions about COVID-19, we are all living in a time of uncertainty. USASF is there for you!

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A benefit of membership in the U.S. All Star Federation is access to a library of resources that include growth and business builders, enrichment activities, wellness essentials, networking and mentorship. These resources were in place prior to the international health pandemic, thus immediately available when we were faced with the Covid-19 Crisis. Resources have been highlighted on weekly video conferences and in the USASF Member Connection (see above for how to gain access).
Click here to learn more about the available resources and how to access them


Protect yourself against flu and respiratory disease by practicing excellent personal hygiene. Remember to:

  • Be the steward of your own health and potential impact of any illness on others: If you are sick, stay home.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before eating.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Considering altering greetings (kissing and hugging hello and goodbye) to be cautious.