U.S. Center for SafeSport


The U.S. All Star Federation is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participants' physical, emotional, and social development and ensuring it promotes an environment free from abuse and misconduct. As part of this program, the U.S. All Star Federation has implemented policies addressing certain types of abuse and misconduct, as well as certain policies intended to reduce, monitor and govern the areas where potential abuse and misconduct might occur.


How To Report AbuseThe policies outlined in the U.S. All Star Federation Safe Sport Code set forth some of the boundaries for appropriate and inappropriate conduct.

Included in the U.S. All Star Federation Safe Sport Code document are policies that address types of abuse and misconduct:

  • Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
  • Physical Abuse and Misconduct
  • Emotional Abuse and Misconduct
  • Bullying, Threats and Harassment
  • Hazing

The U.S. All Star Federation has determined that the U.S. All Star Federation's policies prohibiting abuse and misconduct in all areas listed above shall be the same as the applicable policies of the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

All U.S. All Star Federation Members shall familiarize themselves with each form of misconduct and shall refrain from engaging in misconduct and/or violating any of these policies.

In addition to adherence to the U.S. All Star Federation Safe Sport Code and following all U.S. Center for SafeSport Policies, USASF Members must also:

Adhere to the USASF Professional Responsibility Code & Proactive Minor Abuse Prevention Policies

Safe Sport

Complete a
Membership Eligibility Background Screening

Suspended & Ineligible for Membership List

Membership in our organization is a privilege and can be withdrawn at any time when it is determined that a member's conduct is inconsistent with the best interests of All Star and the athletes we serve.

Based on the notifications and general disclosures presented to members in the USASF Professional Responsibility Code("PRC"), USASF has the right to deny, suspend or revoke membership. USASF has reserved the right to publish a list of individuals who have violated the terms of membership and/or would not meet the qualifications for future membership as they relate to Athlete Protection. 


The USASF recognizes that a key element to preventing abuse and misconduct is the implementation of an effective reporting policy that results in reports of suspected abuse and misconduct, and does not in any way deter victims or witnesses from reporting abuse and misconduct. Potential abusers will avoid involvement in a club where there is a likelihood that suspected abuse will be reported.

Athletes 1st

Athletes 1st is an initiative focused on the overall well being and development of All Star athletes that involves owners, coaches, parents and the athletes themselves in making sure athletes remain at the center of All Star. The USASF Board of Directors is committed to an aggressive and proactive approach to protecting its athlete members from misconduct and abuse. Collectively, all members of the All Star community must do their part to protect athletes and eliminate potential abuse and predators.