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A Season of Service

We want to share your hard work and Season of Service with the world!

Share your Season of Service project by completing Season of Service Registration Form. Include pictures, media coverage (if applicable), a description and video that tells the story of your project. Be sure to include the most beneficial parts of your Season of Service project:

  • How did the community and your team grow closer?
  • What was the most inspirational part of your project and working together?
  • How many people benefited from your team’s work?

Please do not complete the registration form until the project is done. Deadline for submission is Friday, December 4

Don’t forget to document your efforts on social media by using the hashtags
#AllStarAllTogether #ThisisAllStar

Provide a meal for families in need. Consider elderly neighbors or those who would love to have home cooked meals. Create a potluck style menu and have families cook the items and share with the family. Don’t forget to provide disposable plates and/or serving utensils.
Help with voting! Provide voter registration forms or assist poll voting areas by bringing food for the volunteers in November. Be creative in helping others in your community celebrate their opportunity to vote. Need ideas? Call your local election office and discuss how your group can help!
Provide Anti Bullying workshops and education. USASF has partnered with Be Kind, Project Love to have an anti bullying project for your older athletes to facilitate. Other ideas after teaching Be Kind? Create a program that nominates athletes being Kind in the facility and honor them every month. Brainstorm ideas to promote anti bullying throughout the year.
Organize a food drive for the Thanksgiving Holiday! Donate to a food bank, share items with a specific family or volunteer at a Soup Kitchen over the holiday weekend. Look for ways to share the bounty of the season with others in need.

Celebrate movement by organizing a babysitting fun day! Not only could this project be a great fundraiser, it allows parents to plan a date night. Set up stations and keep the kids entertained by moving, run, jumping, leaping, dancing and then enjoy a movie to rest. Team building games promote fun and learning. Share on social media how your program made this activity unique.

Who needs a pen pal? Write thank you notes to first responders, teachers, deployed military personnel, etc. Be creative in sending the notes by mail and/or social media as a team or program. Words of encouragement mean so much. Share positivity to those who are serving others.
Volunteer to help build a Habitat for Humanity Home or donate money to renovate/refresh an elderly person’s home in the neighborhood. Seek ways to provide shelter to those who need assistance in your area. 
Support nonprofit organizations by calling the office and discussing how your program and/or team can assist them during this unusual time. Organize an educational campaign? Promote a fundraiser? How can your group assist other non profit organizations in your community?
Book drives are wonderful ways to give to not only people in your community but also libraries and other organizations. Select the age groups that each team will bundle together and discuss who will receive the donations. Call nonprofit organizations in your community, such as Women’s Shelters, and ask what ages they are in need of receiving. Don’t forget to offer a Zoom nightly bedtime story to promote the event.

What creative ways can your program organize a fundraising event? Quilt raffle? Dance or cheer-a-thon? Sports memorabilia donation? Consider discovering the opportunities within your own parent group - is someone a photographer and can donate an action shot series of pictures? Does another parent have a timeshare that they would be willing to donate? Organize the fundraiser and decide which community group your team would like to support. Pair with the organization and provide funds for them to send kids to camp, provide athletic equipment or sponsor a family at a nearby Ronald McDonald house. 

Does your team love pets? Volunteer at a nearby animal shelter to walk the dogs or assist them for the day! Enjoy interacting with the animals and learning more about shelters in your community. Many shelters need people to help with dog walking and spending time with the animals to break up their day. Training may be required.

With so many wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms and other natural disasters, create a disaster relief campaign for communities in need. Several gyms and/or dance studios have been damaged over the past few months due to these unexpected disasters. Call your Regional Director and they can put you in touch with programs in need of assistance.
With virtual learning and homeschooling being the new normal, many students need support and tutors. Consider creating a tutorial program for younger athletes within your program. They will love learning from the older athletes and the parents will enjoy having their children receive academic reinforcement from their cheer/dance role models.
Organize a community clean up! Call some environmental agencies in your area and/or contact the local zoo. How can your program aid the local environment and wildlife? It can be as simple as picking up trash in your program’s neighborhood to helping the zoo or other wildlife sanctuary. 
Make and donate face masks. Reach out to homeless shelters and find out if they would like to receive masks that your team makes. This project can be completed in a few hours but the impact will last a long time
Blood supplies are low in many areas. Consider organizing or assisting with a blood drive. Many hospitals and other health organizations have blood mobiles that can travel to your location or community. Discover how your program can get involved today!

Want to work on a project individually?
Here are some ideas to inspire you

  1. Want to help homeless individuals in your community? Gather several friends and wrap Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches in individual baggies. Enclose a motivational note and spend an afternoon sharing the food at a local shelter. The timeline is up to you - it can be done over a week or in one day. Make sure parents or an adult is with you to donate the materials.
  2. Write motivational cards to adults in senior homes, children in hospitals or other isolated locations.
  3. Spend time in an animal shelter caring for pets that need homes for an hour or more.
  4. Most schools or even your program have children that need Book Buddy’s or a Book Club Reader. Volunteer to read virtually to students who would love to listen to a great story.
  5. Virtually volunteer to tutor in your program or at a school in your community.
  6. Walk in your neighborhood and be intentional in picking up trash. Be your community's Beautification Manager!
  7. Are there Senior Citizen neighbors who need groceries delivered to them? Be their hands and feet!
  8. Write thank you notes to first responders and hospital workers in your community.
  9. Donate school supplies directly to students by organizing backpacks with materials needed for success- from hand sanitizer to notebooks.
  10. Teachers need help too! Volunteer to assist them organize paperwork or even buy a few extra school supplies they need.