Meet the Team

Alison Stangle

Interim Executive Director

Steve Peterson

Vice President, Events / Corporate Alliances

Amy Clark

Vice President, Membership

Lynn Singer

Executive Director, Communications / Dance

Karen Wilson

Regional Director, West / Director of The Connection & Leadership Programs

Glenda Broderick

Regional Director, Southeast / Exceptional Athlete Director

Angela Bruno

Technology Coordinator / Senior Member Support Specialist

Andre Carter

Director, Education for Cheer

Rene Dew

Member Support Specialist

Gena Evans

Director, Corporate Alliances / Scholarship Programs

Robin Galik

Regional Director, Northeast

Kinshasa Garrett

Regional Director, Southwest

Aricka Gates

Membership Support

Shauna Holm

Regional Director, Midwest

Sarah Miller Bate

Associate Director, Communications / Dance

Cheryl Paquette

Adjudication Director, Dance and Communications Coordinator

Meredith Walker

Director, Rules and Safety for Dance

Casey Winn-Roaden

Manager, Finance / Athlete Membership