Meet the Team

Jim Chadwick


Steve Peterson

Vice President, Events / Corporate Alliances

Amy Clark

Vice President, Membership

Alison Stangle

Executive Director, Rules and Safety

Lynn Singer

Executive Director, Communications / Dance

Karen Wilson

Senior Regional Director / Director of The Connection & Leadership Programs

Glenda Broderick

Regional Director, Southeast

Angela Bruno

Manager, Credentialing / Gym Membership

Andre Carter

Director, Education for Cheer

Rene Dew

Member Support Specialist

Mo Duckworth

Director, Technology / Digital Properties

Gena Evans

Director, Corporate Alliances / Scholarship Programs

Dana Fielding

Associate Director, Rules and Safety for Cheer

Robin Galik

Regional Director, Northeast

Kinshasa Garrett

Regional Director, Southwest

Aricka Gates

Membership Support

Shauna Holm

Regional Director, Midwest

Sarah Miller Bate

Associate Director, Communications / Dance

Cheryl Paquette

Adjudication Director, Dance and Communications Coordinator

Meredith Walker

Director, Rules and Safety for Dance

Mary Wendt

Director, Education for Dance

Casey Winn-Roaden

Manager, Finance / Athlete Membership