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For USASF athletes, membership begins with the Code of Conduct & Compliance, which affirms our commitment to our Athletes 1st initiative. With an all-encompassing focus on athlete protection, safe training, overall well-being, healthy competition and sportsmanship, Athletes 1st is the framework that enables athletes to develop life skills that last beyond cheer and dance.

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It’s exciting to know that many athletes already have begun training at their gyms or studios for the upcoming season! As you prepare, we invite you to take a peek at our all-new What to Expect from the All Star Experience - A Parent's Guide. We think it will become a valuable reference for you in the upcoming season. In it you’ll find:

  • articles to help you be the best in your role as an All Star parent;
  • tips for competition prep, travel and safety;
  • glossaries of cheer, dance and All Star terms you may often hear from your athlete or coach;
  • a guide to identifying and preventing child sexual abuse with tips for selecting a youth organization that best fits your athlete’s needs;
  • USASF's renewed efforts to improve our athlete safety, response and resolution processes;
  • and so much more.

We want you to know that your membership and trust in the USASF matter. It’s the best way to support the mission of the USASF which has always been to protect and enrich the life of YOUR All Star athlete.

USASF Athlete Membership Agreement

Athletes 1st

Athletes 1st is a forward-thinking dynamic initiative that champions the care, development, safety and inclusivity of All Star athletes.  The foundation of Athletes 1st is an all-encompassing focus on the athlete including sport safety, safety while training, minor athlete abuse and misconduct prevention, and athlete personal development. Keeping the well being of athletes at the center of All Star fosters a respectful training and performance environment for all participants.

Athletes 1st equips owners, coaches, parents and athletes with the power to influence, shape, cause action and help make All Star a better place for all.

Athletes 1st Details

FREE SafeSport Training for Parents
The U.S. Center for SafeSport™ offers a FREE Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport. This course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience.
If you are a parent looking for resources on keeping your athlete safe, you can access this training at no cost. Simply follow SafeSport Training and Educational Services link, create an account, add the parent training to your bag, and you’ll be able to access the training.

Enrichment Opportunities

What’s your IQ and What’s your IQ Junior

Elevate your Integrity Quotient with this monthly activity that builds individual character and team unity! Athletes and coaches introduce a new word each month that supports the overall theme of “Integrity.” This activity encourages conversation in gyms studios about how athletes, teams, coaches and owners can exemplify and encourage others to demonstrate that month’s word.

Project Love

USASF is excited to partner with Project Love in the I Pledge to Stick Together Against Bullying campaign. This initiative stresses that each child is treated the way we all want to be treated – with kindness, caring, respect and empathy.


Season of Service

Giving hope and motivating others is something All Star cheer and dance athletes do naturally. Many of you reach out in your communities and go the extra mile to spread kindness — and the USASF celebrates that! Created by the USASF Leadership team and Athlete Alumni Group, The Season of Service showcases all of the fantastic things #AllStarNation does! Congratulations to the top six project winners this year!

Athlete Leadership Workshops


All USASF member athletes entering grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the exclusive BOLT/MARCH leadership training opportunity. BOLT/MARCH workshops activate young cheer and dance leaders to become strong peer role models who:

  • put team first,
  • fully commit to their All Star program, and
  • learn to make the choices that lead to accomplishment. 

Developed and led by alumni of the USASF Mentoring Leaders program, BOLT/MARCH will set young athletes on their path to success.

Not only do participants rave about their BOLT/MARCH experience but completion of the workshop can lead to next level opportunities such as eligibility to:

  • apply to participate as an Athlete Presenter at the Regional Advisory Board meeting in their region the following spring.
  • serve on the Athlete Advisory Council. The Athlete Advisory Council is comprised of athletes who completed the USASF Leadership Workshops and are selected through an application process.
USASF Scholarship Program

The USASF Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 to recognize and reward outstanding All Star Athletes. Thanks to our generous sponsors, the USASF Scholarship Fund awarded $55,000 in 2020. Applications are open to USASF member athletes who are  college-bound seniors participating with any USASF member program. Applicants are not required to cheer or dance in college.

Road Map to the USASF Scholarship Process

2022 College Scholarship Recipients

The U.S. All Star Federation is pleased to announce the 2022 Class of USASF Scholarship Recipients.

Exceptional Athlete Scholarships

The USASF Scholarship Fund was established in 2008 thanks to the help of our generous sponsors. The USASF Exceptional Athlete Scholarship is for USASF members that are Graduating Seniors or Graduates pursuing higher education currently participating in an All Star Exceptional Athlete Division.
Please log into your current USASF Athlete/Parent membership account for complete details.
Once logged in, click on your name in the top right of the page to access the dropdown and select the Scholarship link.

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Exceptional Athletes

Playing sports at any level can be a key part of a young person’s development and have a lasting impact on their life. Among its many benefits, being involved in athletics develops friendships, independence, confidence, mental focus, and, of course, physical fitness. Sports can teach valuable lessons about grit, discipline, teamwork  and, most importantly, the respect that comes with inclusion. These benefits are universal for all individuals, including those with disabilities. That’s the goal of USASF’s Exceptional Athlete Division —  to empower individuals with disabilities with an “I can do” attitude.

The USASF has carefully designed CheerABILITIES and DanceABILITIES Program for the Exceptional Athlete that
  • is safe, fun and good exercise;
  • improves flexibility and strength;
  • enhances independence and self-confidence;
  • provides a place for positive social interaction; and
  • provides peer support and shared experiences among families.

Exceptional Athlete Scholarships
The USASF Exceptional Athlete Scholarship Fund was established in 2021 thanks to the help of our generous sponsors. The USASF Exceptional Athlete Scholarship is for USASF members that are graduating seniors or graduates pursuing higher education currently participating in an All Star Exceptional Athlete Division.
Application requirements:
25% Essay
25% Highlight video
20% Recommendations
20% Industry/Community involvement/Transitional Services
10% Academics/Work Performance
Scholarships will be presented to two well-deserving Exceptional Athletes. Please log in to your USASF Athlete profile for complete details. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right of the page to access the dropdown and select the Scholarship link.

View the 2022 USASF College Scholarship Recipients

Benefits of Athlete Membership

Road Map to Being A Supportive All Star Parent

Your Athlete Membership benefits from and enables the USASF to maintain the resources and safeguards necessary to maintain the high levels of safety, fairness and accountability in practice and in competition. Membership is required of all athletes on Novice, Prep, Elite, Exceptional*, Show, Exhibition or Parent teams affiliated with US-based All Star Cheer or Dance Programs. Athlete Membership for 2021

When you join the USASF you’ll enjoy a wide array of benefits, including:

  • The revolutionary new Safe@Allstar program provides a complete suite of video and certification training resources for athletes, parents, coaches, and owners solely focused on abuse prevention specific to Cheer and Dance. Safe@Allstar also includes a free app that allows parents to create a safety profile for their athlete, enabling professionals to provide athlete identification and utilize crowdsourcing technology in the event a child has gone missing.

  • Membership in the largest network of All Star athletes and industry professionals who strive to provide a safe environment and positive experience for all participants.

  • Access to the best care, safest training and highest performance standard recommendations in All Star.

  • Eligible to participate in USASF-sanctioned events.

  • Enrollment in the USASF Member Perks Program offering discounts on everyday purchases and exclusive offers from USASF’s partners from the All Star community. USASF Member Perks Program information

  • Eligible to participate in enrichment, leadership development and scholarship opportunities.

  • Member Accident Insurance Program (MAIP).
    When athletes and coaches join or renew their membership, they become eligible for the Member Accident Insurance Program. The MAIP provides $50,000 excess accidental medical insurance coverage should an eligible, qualifying member be injured while training for, warming up at or performing at a USASF sanctioned event.(add) NOTE: Coverage only applies to on-site practices and competitions at USASF-sanctioned events and at supervised practices and instruction in member clubs. Complete Details for MAIP

  • $5 million catastrophic accident insurance.
    NOTE: Coverage only applies to on-site practices and competitions at USASF-sanctioned events and at supervised practices and instruction in member clubs.

  • Eligible to compete in qualifying events which may lead to participation in The Cheerleading Worlds and Dance Worlds competition. note: Age and division requirements must be met.

  • Annual digital subscription to Inside All Star by Inside Publications and USASF.

* The USASF waives its membership fee for Exceptional Athletes.


You can find answers to many of your questions by visiting our
Athlete FAQ Section.

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