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Coach Membership


For USASF coaches, membership is framed by the Code of Conduct & Compliance and the strengthened application requirements and core curriculums at the heart of our standards. USASF coaches have direct access to Safe@AllStar abuse prevention education, JDP background screenings, rules and progression videos, coach credentialing, enrichment programs, and more.

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Eligibility Requirements
  • Accept the USASF Coach Membership Agreement.
  • Coach members are bound by our Code of Conduct & Compliance.
  • Proof of Identity: A current photo will need to be uploaded to the member profile.
  • Membership fee: Paid for the current membership term.
  • Background Screening: Current greenlight status issued by JDP with an expiration date of 5/31/2023 or later.
  • Abuse Prevention Education: Training through Safe@AllStar with an expiration date of 5/31/2023 or later.

Benefits of Membership

Coaches must complete all eligibility requirements to have access to or be covered under the benefits listed below.
All-Inclusive Coach Membership

  • The revolutionary Safe@Allstar program provides a complete suite of video and certification training resources for athletes, parents, coaches, and owners solely focused on abuse prevention specific to Cheer and Dance. Safe@Allstar also includes a free app that allows parents to create a safety profile for their athlete, enabling professionals to provide athlete identification and utilize crowdsourcing technology in the event a child has gone missing.
  • Eligible to participate in cheer and/or dance Coach Credentialing. More than 7,000 coaches are credentialed yearly to demonstrate their abilities to coach All Star.  Cheer coach credentialing examines and tests coaches on their knowledge of each level's rules and verifies that coaches can safely teach and break skills down. Dance coach credentialing demonstrates knowledge of the general dance rules to ensure the safety of athletes. 
  • Access to members-only resources:
    1. Access to Safe@Allstar athlete protection and training programs.
    2. USASF Coach App through which videos of skills may be submitted to verify legality.
    3. USASF video library of rules and glossary terms.
    4. Legality official training to enhance knowledge of rules.
  • Eligible to participate in USASF-sanctioned competitions.
  • USASF digital ID card with background screening green light determination, abuse prevention training and level credentials.
  • Inclusion in's directory of professionals with designations for building and tumbling credentialing, background screening green light determination and abuse prevention training.
  • Eligible to participate in USASF enrichment opportunities:
    1. Professional development and leadership courses offered at the USASF National Meeting or virtually.
    2. Service on professional committees that shape the future of All Star.
    3. Continuing education through credentialing and legality official training.
  • Enrollment in the USASF Member Perks Program.
    USASF Member Perks Program information
  • $5 million catastrophic accident insurance. note: Coverage only applies to on-site practices and competitions at USASF-sanctioned competitions and at supervised practices and instruction in member clubs.
Fees, Membership Term & Activation of Benefits
  • All-Inclusive Coach Membership: The USASF coach membership fee now covers the cost for ALL coaches to take the online training and written credentialing tests. The new membership bundle will be a simple flat rate of $75 for coaches and will include:
    • coach background check with 24-month monitoring;
    • written testing for Cheer and/or Dance credentialing;
    • abuse prevention education; and
    • access to the Safe@AllStar training programs.
  • The following coach benefits are exclusively for USASF Coach members who are actively coaching All Star athlete members and are associated with an existing and active U.S. All Star Club member with a minimum of 4 athletes:
    • Credentialing
    • USASF Coach App through which videos of skills may be submitted to verify legality
  • Membership is valid for one competitive season.
  • Membership term begins June 1 and ends on May 31 the following year
  • Membership and associate member benefits are activated once an applicant is eligible, meaning they have a current membership, a greenlight background check, and have completed abuse prevention education.
  • Membership can be paid anytime during the membership term, however, membership fees are never prorated for delayed or late-season registration.
  • Access to benefits are not retroactive.
  • Membership fees, once paid to the USASF, are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means the funds may not be applied to a different coach. Once the membership has been paid for a specific coach, the membership belongs to that coach only and may not be transferred to anyone else.
  • Membership belongs to the coach regardless of club affiliation.
  • Allows participation in USASF member event producer sanctioned competitions as long as the coach meets all eligibility requirements.

Athlete Protection

The U.S. All Star Federation is committed to supporting Member Clubs in creating positive environments that are free from abuse and misconduct.  To that end, USASF has adopted a NEW Code of Conduct & Compliance which includes specific prevention policies aimed at reducing the potential for abuse and misconduct to occur.

USASF Coach Members must abide by:

USASF Coach Members must complete: 
    • Abuse Prevention Education: Training through Safe@AllStar with an expiration date of 5/31/2023 or later.
    • Background Screening: Current greenlight status issued by JDP with an expiration date of 5/31/2023 or later.
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USASF Coach Membership

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