The DEIS Toolkit was developed to assist club owners in creating, developing, and implementing a DEIS program that fosters a diverse and inclusive culture. Creating DEIS initiatives for your club must start with understanding what is meant by the terms Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity. Click here to use this "TOOLKIT" to implement your own DEIS program.


The U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, sensitivity and connectedness among our members and within our communities. This commitment is intrinsic in the values and beliefs that the USASF is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity regardless of what we look like, where we come from, our abilities or who we love. We stand firm in our resolve to ensure that the USASF and its members address, educate and eliminate any issues of racial or social injustice in our sport as well as create and enforce rules that address racism and/or bias while supporting equality for all. Hear from USASF Members on why you should complete the census in your portal by watching this video.

The visual representation of inclusion and diversity is an integral part of sharing the story of All Star and an important part of making All Star more equitable. The use of images is one way athletes, parents, coaches, owners and other USASF members evaluate whether diversity and inclusion are valued in their sport and we want them to know they are. Pictures alone cannot solve all issues related to DEIS, but they can help in making positive change to the culture surrounding these important issues. If you are a member of the USASF please consider submitting your vision of diversity in All Star.
We would love to see images that celebrate diversity including but not limited to:

  • People of color
  • People with disabilities
  • Various body types
  • Athletes of all ages, levels and tiers
  • Male, Female and Non-Binary members


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Peter Lezin

“In a sport where everyone's value is derived by what they do on the floor no matter what they look like, I was naive to think that this mindset spilled over to all areas of the spirit industry. Hearing stories of so many people who felt this was not the case compelled me to be a part of the change so that everyone would feel included and represented moving forward.”
Peter Lezin
USASF DEIS Committee Chairman


The USASF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity sub-committee (DEIS) focuses on issues of diversity and community within All Star and makes recommendations with the intention of promoting better understanding between and within the membership to be a more inclusive sport for all.DEIS_4-1


Current Members

Peter Lezin

Levon Burton


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Kinshasa Garrett

Alexis Trost

Brad Habermel

Brent Steele

Carlos Onofre

Christopher York

Daney Soto-Barreto

David Sims

David Tu

Debbie Love

Glenda Broderick

Jon Rolle

Joseph McGibboney
Tonika Simmons

Kathy Penree

Katrina Hubert

Vanessa Graziano

Lindsey Farris

Manny Smothermon

Nicole Leago-Devall

Orson Sykes

Richard Watkins

Sarah Miller Bate

Shauna Holm

Shawn Simmons
We are committed to working together to address the challenges that face us while continuing to achieve our mission to support and enrich the lives of our athletes and members.  All Star welcomes everyone - every race, size, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability.
There’s a place for everyone. We welcome you just as you are.
  • The USASF held a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity (DEIS) call in order to begin forming Next Steps for the USASF within All Star to help improve and meet the needs of all members.
    • Attendees were divided into groups and submitted ideas/calls to action on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity
  • A DEIS sub-committee was created with Chairman Peter Lezin and Co-Chair Levon Burton leading the group.
    • Over 30 Committee members volunteered to work on the committee, composed of Connection Leaders, which were divided into Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity groups
  • The DEIS Sub-Committee participated in related training and discussion, facilitated by The Positive Coaching Alliance, which was also attended by ALL USASF Staff and Connection Leaders.
  • The DEIS Sub-Committee continues to meet regularly throughout the year.
Topic: All Star | A Place for Everyone

The USASF, as the national governing authority for All Star, has a history that embraces and welcomes all into our sport. Oftentimes described as “the sport that has a home for everyone,” our mission and core values have supported our intent to invite and include all. Conversations with our members in the black community about recent events and the current climate in our country concerning racism have caused us to understand that we have more to do in this area.

We have tackled the topics of gender identity, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation by connecting experts in those fields with our members to provide awareness, education, tools and resources. We are tackling the topic of racism with equal vigor and will not allow it to exist in All Star.

The USASF is committed to seeking out racial and ethnic biases and inequities by consistently reviewing our processes and our policies. We stand firm in our resolve to ensure that our staff and our members address, educate and resolve any issues of racial or social injustice within our sport and create and enforce rules that combat racism.

As we review our efforts we also recognize there are areas that require immediate action and some that will need further exploration, discussion and strategic planning, and must encompass policies and protocols that ensure a shared and equal experience within All Star for all who choose to participate.

Upon further discussion and review of the existing policies and protocols, we are moving forward with the following:

  1. Broaden the scope of The Connection Committee to address specific issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity.
  2. Open the opportunity for USASF Members interested in serving in The Connection to apply for one of the five seats we are adding to the current committee.
  3. Review and update the USASF Professional Responsibility Code to address expectations regarding racism.
  4. Include in all committee and board meetings the strategic planning of programs and initiatives targeting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity.
  5. Provide education and resources to all members of the USASF.
An Open Letter to USASF Members

June 5,  2020

The USASF’s core priority is our members.

We recognize that the last three months have been challenging beyond measure. We have endured an abruptly interrupted competition season, witnessed the cancellation of events intended to unite the All Star community and were unable to celebrate some of life’s most important milestones as a result of a global health crisis. And, just as we were beginning to recover, our world was yet again upended.

The highly visible and horrifying murder of a Black man by a White police officer profoundly impacted us all. The death of George Floyd outraged an already unsettled nation and weighs heavily on all of our hearts. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of George Floyd.

We further recognize that words of grief and support for change are not enough. Now is the time to move from conversation to action. As an organization, the USASF has never been afraid to take necessary action. We have tackled the topics of gender identity and sexual abuse and exploitation by connecting experts in those fields with our members to provide awareness, education, tools and resources. We even established more stringent requirements for membership. And, while conversations surrounding Race can elicit a range of emotions, we are addressing this area too.

The USASF is committed to ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our conversations started long before this moment and we will continue this important dialogue. Earlier this week, several of our staff members joined a call with leaders from Black Girls Cheer and The Cheer Leaders’ Alliance to better understand the emotions and experiences of our Black members in the current climate. We participated in meaningful dialogue aimed at establishing a unified path forward.

We have established an initial team of experts to include Sharita Richardson of Black Girls Cheer and Veronica Burton of The Cheer Leaders’ Alliance who will help us directly address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our sport. We look forward to expanding this team and keeping you up to date on our progress. If you would like to participate in conversations or committees in these efforts, please indicate your interest on this form. Our staff will contact you as soon as plans come together.

Our world has changed, and as we move forward, we will work together to address the challenges that face us while continuing to achieve our mission to support and enrich the lives of our athletes and members. All Star is a sport that welcomes everyone. Every Race, size, sexual preference, gender identity and ability. There’s a place for everyone. We welcome you just as you are.

Join us.

The USASF Staff Family

Glenda Broderick
Amy Clark
Dana Fielding
Sarah Miller Bate
Ali Stangle
Karen Wilson
Angela Bruno
Rene Dew
Robin Gailk
Cheryl Paquette
Lynn Singer
Shauna Wood Holm
Andre Carter
Mo Duckworth
Kinshasa Garrett
Steve Peterson
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