The DEIS Toolkit was developed to assist club owners in creating, developing, and implementing a DEIS program that fosters a diverse and inclusive culture. Creating DEIS initiatives for your club must start with understanding what is meant by the terms Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity. Click here to use this "TOOLKIT" to implement your own DEIS program.


The U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, sensitivity and connectedness among our members and within our communities. This commitment is intrinsic in the values and beliefs that the USASF is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity regardless of what we look like, where we come from, our abilities or who we love. We stand firm in our resolve to ensure that the USASF and its members address, educate and eliminate any issues of racial or social injustice in our sport as well as create and enforce rules that address racism and/or bias while supporting equality for all. Hear from USASF Members on why you should complete the census in your portal by watching this video.

Share YOUR vision of diversity! The visual representation of inclusion and diversity is an integral part of sharing the story of All Star and an important part of making All Star more equitable. If you are a member of the USASF please consider submitting your vision of diversity in All Star.

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DEIS TOWNHALL at The USASF National Meeting in Nashville, TN (July 21-22)
DEIS TOWNHALL at The USASF National Meeting-2
“In a sport where everyone's value is derived by what they do on the floor no matter what they look like, I was naive to think that this mindset spilled over to all areas of the spirit industry. Hearing stories of so many people who felt this was not the case compelled me to be a part of the change so that everyone would feel included and represented moving forward.” ~ Peter Lezin


The USASF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sensitivity sub-committee (DEIS) focuses on issues of diversity and community within All Star and makes recommendations with the intention of promoting better understanding between and within the membership to be a more inclusive sport for all.

Current Members

Levon Burton

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Kinshasa Garrett




We are committed to working together to address the challenges that face us while continuing to achieve our mission to support and enrich the lives of our athletes and members.  All Star welcomes everyone - every race, size, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability. There’s a place for everyone. We welcome you just as you are.

Do you have a question related to DEIS? Are you seeking guidance? Please email Kinshasa Garrett at KGarrett@usasf.net.

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