USASF Event Producer Membership



Event Producer Membership

Producing a USASF Sanctioned Competition is among the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of supporting cheer and dance in your All Star community. A USASF Sanctioned Competition is all about setting a safe and healthy competitive atmosphere and the best possible on- and off-the-floor experience for athletes.

As a USASF Member Event Producer, you align your goals with the U.S. All Star Federation's goals of keeping athletes safe and providing fair competition that advances the movement and progress of All Star cheer and dance. As a key to a successful All Star competition, we encourage athlete safety in an environment that is fun, social and welcoming for all participants.  We believe that a USASF Sanctioned Competition instills the love of performance, sportsmanship and camaraderie and ensures that All Star remains a vibrant sport in our communities for years to come!

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  • Membership in the nation’s largest network of All Star Club athletes, owners, coaches, event producers and the companies that serve them.
  • Access to resources to provide the safest and healthiest competitive atmosphere and best possible on- and off-the-floor experience for athletes:
    1. Consistent rules, age requirements and regulations to establish a level playing field at each event.
    2. Interface with the USASF database that provides the current season division and club rosters.
    3. Age verifications through the USASF rostering process ensure a level playing field and fair competition.
    4. Monitoring of warm-up rooms and backstage areas through the USASF rostering process.
    5. Required background screenings for owners, coaches and personnel who accompany teams into warm-up and backstage areas.
    6. USASF Legality Officials who are on-call to provide rulings in real-time at all sanctioned competitions.
    7. Use of the USASF Coach app to verify approved legality of skills.
    8. A properly equipped EMT or athletic trainer is present and ready to handle emergencies. 
    9. Accidental medical and catastrophic accident insurance coverage is in effect for USASF member athletes and coaches at sanctioned competitions.
  • Eligible to apply for The Cheerleading Worlds and The Dance Worlds bid-qualifying event distinction.
    NOTE: Specific membership level guidelines must be met
  • Access to online information and helpful tools through the USASF member website.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the safety, integrity and growth of All Star through committees, polls, attendance at the USASF National Meeting and participation in Regional Assemblies.
  • Enrollment in the USASF Member Perks Program.
  • The revolutionary Safe@AllStar program provides a complete suite of video and certification training resources for athletes, parents, coaches, and owners solely focused on abuse prevention specific to Cheer and Dance. Safe@AllStar also includes a free app that allows parents to create a safety profile for their athlete, enabling professionals to provide athlete identification and utilize crowdsourcing technology in the event a child has gone missing.



The Application Process

Application for membership is open to USA-based All Star event producers.
Event producers may qualify for one of four membership tiers.

USASF Worlds Bid Member Event Producer

USASF Event Producer Membership