Regional Advisory Board

    Who is eligible to serve
    All USASF Member Eligible Owners and Coaches

    Members apply annually for up to 25 owner/coach representatives per region in addition to regionally-based Event Producers and Affiliate Company Members or their regional representatives.

    One year. (May be renewed annually based on interest and active participation)

    Attendance at VIRTUAL Regional Advisory Board meetings held online via Zoom (video conference). Meeting dates and times TBD [will be scheduled between June 1-7]. Candidates must be available for virtual meetings during regular business hours, Monday - Friday.

    Specific Regional Advisory Board Directives

    1. Represent the best interest of All Star programs in each region
    2. Work collectively and discuss current issues affecting the All Star community
    3. Explore solutions that would be widely accepted and in the best interest of their region, and the All Star community as a whole
    4. Prepare proposals to be taken to the National Advisory Board (NAB)
    5. Promote and implement the initiatives of the NAB

    2022 Appointment/Election Process

    1. Interested candidates apply online on or before March 15, 2022
    2. Consideration will be given to program size, geographic location, competitive level, and overall experience to ensure a balanced representation in each region from all types of programs and levels of experience
    3. In the event that there are more candidates than seats available for a particular demographic category, a regional election will occur
    4. Applicants will be notified no later than March 31, 2022, of their application status

    Regional Advisory Board Application

    Please click on the links below to view the members from each region.



    Nicole Chapman | Erin Dempsey | Jessica Forte | Adam Forte | Ashley Gallagher Doran | Kay Hensley | Renee' Hill | Christopher Huck | Krystle Madeiros | Kamil Mickiewicz | Shelley Myers | Marta Richardson



    Bethe Beaver | Melissa Brauer | Kelly Else | Christina Finley | Jennifer Kloskey | Julie Petersen | Danielle Pressman | Alison Sandvold



    Katie Arbo | Gage Barber | Kenita Glover | Angela Koenig | Allison Lewis | Tara Mansfield | Justin Morries | Rosalind Schmidt | Nikki Sticka | Shannon Tucker | Michelle Wetmore



    Cara Janczak | Christina Ramirez 



    Taylor Banks | Brook Lowe | Heather Van Hulle | Chelsea Kouzmanoff