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What is All Star Dance?

Dance is an expressive art form and an important part of All Star sports that builds stamina, speed, muscle, flexibility and poise. USASF member dance programs offer athletes the opportunity to participate on teams in a variety of competitions to become well-trained and well-rounded dancers while learning valuable life skills. 

Dance style is a key component of All Star Dance with choices ranging from contemporary/lyrical, hip hop, jazz, pom, kick and variety. These are also typical dance categories you may see at a USASF competition. Competition routines will incorporate many technical elements and skills specific to the dance styles while emphasizing musicality, uniformity, synchronization, complexity, and athleticism. And, depending on the competition, teams also have the opportunity to work with judges to receive feedback on what they did well and ways to improve.

All Star Dance differs from traditional school dance teams in that its primary purpose is competition, while school dance involves crowd leading and other school roles, as well as the option for competition. All Star dance teams are most often organized and based out of a studio and have teams that are open to all area dancers.

This Is All Star Dance

All Star Dance is divided into categories by age and experience so that an athlete may participate in a way that fits them perfectly. These divisions allow programs to place athletes on teams where they can grow, be inspired and challenged throughout the season ahead! USASF member studios and gyms may offer dance programs and teams in any or all of the following divisions:



For individuals who want to discover All Star dance in a fun, non-competitive, technique-centered atmosphere. FUNdamentals prepares young athletes for more competitive and performance-based teams.



For individuals who are new to All Star but ready for performance-based teams that are evaluated at events. Novice teams focus on strengthening technique and performance skills that help prepare athletes for competitive All Star teams. 



For individuals with limited technical element proficiency who want to strengthen technique and performance skills in a competitive team atmosphere. Prep teams typically require less time and cost commitments than are required of All Star Elite teams.