The Foundation of Athletes 1st

    Athletes 1st is an initiative focused on the overall well being and development of All Star athletes that involves owners, coaches, parents and the athletes themselves in making sure athletes remain at the center of All Star. This all-encompassing focus on the athlete, including sport safety, safety while training, minor athlete abuse and misconduct prevention, and athlete personal development allows All Star athletes to remain safe while participating in an activity they love while developing skills that extend well beyond practice or rehearsal. By creating programs and resources that touch on each of these facets, the USASF strives to keep All Star athletes protected, and therefore able to uncover life skills within themselves that will last beyond cheer and dance. 

    Sport Safety & Athlete Health

    The USASF develops, and maintains through committee, rules based on progression and age-appropriate development in order to protect athletes and provide uniform safety considerations.

    Safety While Training

    Athlete safety during practice is a pillar of the Athletes 1st initiative and therefore the USASF underscores the importance of member clubs employing Qualified Coaches. These coaches must have education or be trained in teaching skills, physical development, conditioning and injury prevention. All cheer coaches must meet credentialing requirements set forth by the USASF.

    Minor Athlete Abuse & Misconduct Prevention

    By working together with experts on child abuse prevention and developing proactive policies which aim to protect minor athletes, the USASF places the safety of their athletes above all else.

    Athlete Personal Development

    In All Star athletes develop tenacity, a positive work ethic, an understanding of the importance of teamwork, and so much more. But off the practice or performance floors the USASF strives to bring athletes leadership training and enrichment opportunities that will reach all facets of their lives — even after they finish their All Star journeys. 

    Club Responsibilities

    An important component of Athletes 1st is the support of clubs and all they do to put athletes at the center of their programs. The adherence to the following policies is one way clubs protect their athletes:

    • Return to Play
    • Concussion Protocol
    • Responding to Medical Emergencies

    Parent Engagement 

    The support of parents in paramount to the positive athlete experience in All Star. By providing resources to parents, such as the parent newsletter and follow up materials to our leadership offerings, Athletes 1st provides a framework for parents to understand how to value their child’s All Star experience, replacing the reliance on winning with the understanding of the life skills All Star provides.