Giving hope and motivating others is something All Star cheer and dance athletes do naturally. Many of you reach out in your communities and go the extra mile to spread kindness — and the USASF celebrates that! 
We are excited to reintroduce All Star Gives Back (previously known as Season of Service/Give Back Project), a more expansive effort to showcase clubs and athletes who make serving others a priority throughout the year — ANY time of year

Check out the 2023-2024 All Star Gives Back Projects!

*It's not too late to submit YOUR project for this season!
Check out all the information and where to submit your project below.
Deadlines: September 30, January 31, May 31


ALL current USASF member clubs. Owners/Coaches may choose to involve a single team, multiple teams or even the full club/organization! 

ALL current USASF member athletes! Athletes may also choose to lead their own project or include their teammates/friends/family members! 

Why Should YOU Participate? 

Opportunity to connect and engage those through “difference-making”.ASGBASGB
  • Greater club visibility within the community.
  • Opportunity to serve a charity that is near and dear to your heart.
  • Build an additional level of cohesion amongst athletes, staff and families.
  • Receive certificate of participation.
  • Mention in The 2024 Cheerleading and Dance Worlds program. 
  • Mention in announcements throughout Worlds weekend. 
  • Mention on the USASF website and social media platforms.

ADDITIONAL opportunities for athlete-members who lead their own project

  • Receive BONUS Points toward your USASF Scholarship (if/when you apply).
  • FREE attendance at one virtual BOLT (grades 9-12) or one virtual Athlete Junior (grades 6-8) workshop.
  • Up to 10 projects may be selected to be highlighted on the USASF website and social media platforms.



Studies have shown that there are mental and physical health benefits to serving, like reducing depression, lowering blood pressure and lengthening your lifespan. According to a special health report published by Harvard Health Publications,  compared with people who never volunteered, the odds of being “very happy” rose 7% among those who volunteer monthly and 12% for people who volunteer every two to four weeks.


Are you a 2023-2024 Athlete Advisory Council Member AND/OR BOLT participant?

  • Receive ADDITIONAL BONUS POINTS toward your USASF Scholarship application!

  • FREE attendance at one Advanced Leadership Training with the USASF Leadership Team! Athletes selected to present their project to the RAB will receive separate training.
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Everybody can be great because everybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 


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Submit your All Star Gives Back Project

 You may give back at any time of the year and share your project with us. The submission deadline only applies to AAC members, BOLT participants, or members who would like to be featured on USASF.net.