There's a Star in All of Us

All Star is the sport term used to represent competitive Club Cheer and Dance. As they are typically affiliated with a gym or studio, All Star teams differ from cheer and dance teams that primarily support schools or recreational organizations. All Star athletes train and perform for the challenge and thrill of competition in a fast-paced and highly dynamic environment.

This Is All Star

Don’t let the term all-star fool you

While the term all-star often evokes the image of a team which is comprised primarily of outstanding performers or participants, All Star Cheer and Dance is a place for everyone. Regardless of prior experience, All Star training facilities offer classes and teams for first-time cheerleaders and dancers through the most elite athletes in the sport. With a main offering of cheer and/or dance, these facilities exist to train the skills required to be safe and successful in All Star. The goal of this specialized training is to develop the young athlete into a confident and capable performer. At the upper levels, elite athletes embody the definition of all-star and become outstanding performers and leaders.

Why choose All Star?


Beyond the Competition Floor
The US All Star Federation’s mission and values guide All Star to develop champions on and off the competition floor. Our member programs give young athletes the chance to learn, refine and build on their skill sets that will inspire them to become confident leaders and performers.

Opportunities for Enrichment 

All Star offers many opportunities for participants of all ages and roles to enrich their lives through programs outside of the gym or studio. Leadership courses, coach credentialing programs, virtual workshops and national meetings —  there's something for everyone. Continue reading to discover enrichment opportunities that speak to you.


All Star helps athletes acquire valuable skills and develop friendships that will later serve them in all facets of life. Here are a few of the programming and disciplines the USASF offers.

Life-Long Friendships

Life-long Friendships

Working as a team toward a common goal creates bonds that are strengthened with each practice, performance and competition. All Star provides athletes the opportunity to engage with other athletes while developing their skills and deepening their experience in cheer and dance. Our athletes develop a sense of camaraderie and community, allowing them to nurture strong relationships that last a lifetime.




All Star doesn’t just teach the fundamentals of cheer or dance, it also instills respect for oneself and others. Athletes learn to respect their coaches who guide them and to follow rules that ensure practices and competitions are fair and safe. They also learn good sportsmanship and the importance of treating their opponents respectfully, win or lose.



Athletes develop self-confidence the more they learn about themselves and their abilities. All Star helps each athlete discover and express his or her inner artistry and strength through the joy of cheer and dance.


Leadership Skills

Through All Star, athletes learn about responsibility as they recognize the vital roles they each play on their team. They learn that leadership is more than being the best or on top — it’s about being accountable for their actions and role models for sportsmanship.

Time Management

Time Management

Through All Star, athletes learn about time management, commitment and discipline. Teammates often encourage each other on and off the floor, helping one another keep track of schedules and academic responsibilities.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

All Star’s fun and unique source of exercise instills a discipline that promotes healthy living. Through cheer and dance, athletes build stamina, strength, endurance and coordination.

This Is All Star


The USASF supports and enriches the lives of our All Star athletes and members. We provide consistent rules, strive for a safe environment for our athletes, drive competitive excellence, and promote a positive image for the sport. Find out more by selecting cheer and/or dance below.

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