What Is A Legality Official?

Legality Officials play an integral role at USASF-sanctioned competitions by ensuring fair competition for all participants. Much like a referee in a basketball game or an umpire in baseball, Legality Officials bring legitimacy and integrity to the sport by enforcing the rules of All Star.  

Note:  Legality Officials are not scoring judges.

Legality Official Eligibility

USASF Legality Officials come from all walks of life. While not required, most individuals have been competitive cheerleaders or dancers themselves and officiating is a great way to stay involved in the sport. We simply require that Legality Officials be at least 18 years of age and of the highest moral and ethical standards.


Why Become A Legality Official

Becoming a USASF Legality Official takes training, practice and dedication. Travel is often required and the work hours are long and typically on the weekends. But officiating is a fulfilling way to stay actively involved in All Star and rewarding to know that you’re helping athletes pursue their dreams. You’ll be able to share your knowledge, develop friendships and make connections with others committed to creating a positive All Star experience.

When you become a Legality Official you’ll receive a complimentary USASF membership which provides access to the large network of USASF-sanctioned competitions hosted by our Event Producer members. Additionally, you’ll be able to use the USASF membership system to indicate your interest and availability to work the events they host. 

Disclosure: Payment for services is exclusively between the Event Producer and Legality Official. Many competition travel expenses and meals are typically covered by the Event Producer. Legality Officials are not paid for their services nor travel through the USASF.

How To Become A Legality Official

  • Submit and pass a background check through USASF 
  • Attend either an online or in-person training course for Legality Officials at your own expense.
  • Pass the Legality Official certification test administered by the USASF upon training course completion.
  • Accept and follow the Code of Conduct for Legality Officials provided by the USASF upon successful completion of the test.

Interested in becoming a Legality Official?

The USASF trains and certifies Legality Officials for All Star Cheer and All Star Dance on an annual basis. Certification term is based on each annual All Star season. Training courses for certification are available throughout the summer and early fall. 

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