Athletic Performance Standards


The USASF Steering Committee for the Athletic Performance Standards has developed an interactive review process to help teams meet the Athletic Performance Standards for the 2020-2021 season.

This process will assist those owners and coaches in understanding the expectations of the Athletic Performance Standards found on page 39 of the Cheer Rules.

USASF, in partnership with industry providers who are committed to presenting All Star in a way that celebrates both the athleticism and creativity, has created this APS Tips Sheet for All Star Cheer Program Owners to ensure the Athletic Performance Standards are met by the teams representing their club.

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NOTE: The Athletic Performance Standards and interactive review process is designed specifically for cheer teams at this time. For All Star Dance, please refer to Page 1 of the Dance Rules: Choreography, Music and Costuming. Our goal is to ensure the protection of all athletes. It is the responsibility of the program owner to ensure that rules are adhered to and that the overall intended look is age appropriate.