Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a coach membership cost?
The coach membership fee is an all inclusive fee of $75 per term/season. This fee includes your membership, 24-month background screen monitoring, Safesport training and all written credentialing tests. 

How often do I have to renew my coach membership?
Membership must be renewed each term/season. The membership term/season is June 1 - May 31 regardless of when you join or renew. Prorated memberships are not available.

How do I pay for my coach account?

Can my program pay my coach membership fee?
Yes. Your program has the option to pay your coach membership fee through their program portal. However, you must log in to your own coach profile to confirm your personal information, complete your background check and Safesport training.

I believe I was accidentally double-charged for my membership. What do I do?
Contact Please provide the account name and forward your receipts to verify the double-charge. If you are unable to locate your receipts, we may be able to search for the transaction by the name and last four digits on the credit card used.

I am the gym owner. Do I need to pay for a coach membership too?
Yes, all owners must pay the $75 all-inclusive coach membership fee. We reduced the program fee from $150 to $100 to help offset the cost for owners. The all-inclusive coach fee now covers the cost of the background check, Safesport training and written credentialing.


My gender or birthdate is listed wrong in my profile. How do I get this corrected?
Please contact and include a copy of your government-issued photo ID so we can change your DOB..

How do I correct the spelling of my name?
You are able to login to the profile and edit the preferred name only. From your coach profile: click MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > EDIT button. If the legal first/last name needs correcting, please contact

How do I update the home address or phone number in my membership profile?
From your coach profile: click MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > EDIT. You are able to edit the address and phone number. If you need further help, please contact

The information in my profile is incorrect. It shows that I am a male, born in 1985, and live in Arizona. What should I do?
This means that when asked to verify your coach profile, you did not correct the information from the default settings. This happens also when an owner creates a program account and fails to verify their coach profile information. From your coach profile: click MY PROFILE > MY ACCOUNT > EDIT. You are able to edit the address and phone number. However, you will need to email to correct your gender and DOB.


What is required to be an eligible USASF coach?
Eligible coaches must have:  a current/paid coach membership; a background check with a greenlight determination posted to the coach profile; and Safesport training completed.

My account shows that I am active but says I am ineligible. Why?
An ACTIVE account means that your coach membership fee has been paid. An ELIGIBLE account means that:  your membership is current; you have a background screening greenlight posted to your profile; and you have completed Safesport training (athlete protection education). Only eligible coaches can be listed on rosters and are able to access warm-up rooms at competitions.


I was a member of the USASF last year, but my username and password don't work. What should I do?
Please visit  and click FORGOT / RESET PASSWORD. You will be prompted to enter your email address to receive a password reset via email that will enable you to access your account. If your email address is not recognized, but you are sure you had an account last year, please do not create a new account. Email your full name and DOB to so that we may help locate your account.

I no longer use the email address that is associated with my account. How can I change my email address/username?
Please contact Provide your name, DOB, current email address and the email address you prefer.

When I log in to my coach account I get a large red error box and can't access my profile. What should I do?
This error message states that your profile is not yet verified. The last two lines inside the red box are a link to verify your account. Please click the link and verify the account information and SAVE. You will then be directed to your profile.


How do I associate my coach account to my current program?
To ADD a program:

Log in to your coach profile.

  • Click FIND to search your program by name and request to be added. 
  • Please let your program administrator know that you have requested to add

To CHANGE programs:

  • Click DROP, then FIND to search your new program and request to be added.
  • Please let your program administrator know that you have requested to add
I coach at more than one gym. Can I use the same membership?
Yes. You only need one membership and can be associated as a coach to more than one program. Please contact or your Regional Director so that we may associate your coach membership to multiple programs. It is imperative that you are listed on the rosters as a coach for each team and program that you plan to accompany in the warm up room. 

My profile shows that I am invited to join a program and is asking me to accept or deny the request. What does this mean?
This means that your program administrator has sent you a specific invite to join the program vs. you requesting to add yourself. Click ACCEPT if you wish to associate with this program. If you are unfamiliar with the program shown, it is likely the invite was sent in error as some coaches have similar names. In this case, click DENY.


I am a coach and also an athlete - do I need separate memberships?
Yes. You will need to have two separate memberships under two different email addresses in the USASF system. Membership fees must be paid and Safesport training must be completed in each account. Your background check should be completed though your coach profile (included in membership fee) and then shared at no added cost to your athlete profile.


How do I complete my coach background check?
Log in to your COACH profile. From the DASHBOARD, click START BACKGROUND CHECK. Follow the prompts to complete and submit. The all-inclusive coach membership fee covers the cost of the screening. 

How long does a background check take?
Background screening greenlights typically post to the coach profile within 7-10 days.

How do I share my background check?
If you have a background screening greenlight in any USASF profile, you may share it at no added cost to another profile (for example: you have a coach account and athlete account): 

  • Log in to the second profile (without the greenlight). 
  • Answer NO when asked:  Is this your first time using NCSI for a background screen…?
  • Follow the prompts as directed. 
  • Your background check should be shared within a few hours.
I’m having trouble submitting my background check. What should I do?
Please email