The Member Resource center provides helpful links to assist you in your role as a program owner, coach or event producer. The links and resources include Event Information and management, Growth and Business Builders for owners and Enrichment programs for coaches, owners and all who are striving to enhance the All Star Experience. Login to you Member Portal, click the drop-down menu at the top right and select USASF Member Resources.


Found under Enrichment in the Member Resource center.

  • What’s Your IQ Chapter 1 - Team Building enrichment created for and by coaches with their middle and high school-aged teams. Introduce a new word each month that supports the overall theme of “Integrity” and encourages conversation in gyms and studios about how athletes, teams, coaches and owners can personally be the example, and encourage others to be the example of that month’s word. Watch the videos and have a conversation today!
  • What’s Your IQ, Chapter 2 - Conversation starters intended to be an interactive series designed for the high school-aged athletes of All Star to build individual character and team unity.
  • What’s Your IQ, Junior - A fun activity book for upper- elementary and junior high school-age athletes. Use this enrichment item with your athletes and encourage parents to initiate thoughtful discussions about the values that All Star provides. There’s even a “How-to Implement” guide to get you started!
  • Project Love - Be Kind® STICK TOGETHER® is a free, character education program offered by the USASF, Project Love and Duck Tape® in an effort to provide a fun and different way to explore the important social-emotional learning concepts of kindness and sticking together to combat bullying and negative behaviors. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get started!
  • Wellness Essentials - Watch the videos designed for parents to get conversations started with discussion about balancing out sport and school, or their role at competition. Sometimes a quick video is what is needed to start the conversation.
  • FUNdamentals – Found under Growth/Business Builders, while the Cheer, Dance and Preschool FUNdamentals are designed to be short-term, introductory courses for athletes new to All Star, check out the provided team-building games and the Superhero Activity Book to make time at home FUN and memorable!
  • The Healthy Athletes = Healthy All Star Video Series - Provides 10 workouts designed to be done at home for both cheer and dance athletes. By participating, these athletes are able to work on their fitness and flexibility while having fun- knowing that they are still a vibrant piece of the All Star Nation.

Found under Enrichment in the Member Resource center and the Credentialing and Rules Sites

  • Wellness Essentials – Found under Enrichment, watch the videos specific to coaching and engage in conversations that will spark new ideas and visions for coaching the athletes of today in a positive manner.
  • Coaches Corner – Found under Enrichment, coaches can see what grips, stances, load-ins, etc. are legal and safe for each skill. This is a perfect time to brush up on fundamentals.
  • Credentialing – Found on the Credentialing site, designed for cheer coaches, credentialing affirms that the coach demonstrates sufficient knowledge of the rules and skill levels associated with All Star Cheer. To get started, log into the Coach Profile and select USASF Credentialing.
  • Rules – Found on the Rules site, brush up on your cheer and dance rules or test your knowledge with the Rules Quizzes.

Found under Growth/Business Builders in the Member Resource center

  • FUNdamentals - Cheer, Dance and Preschool FUNdamentals are designed to be short term, low-commitment, low-cost introductory courses for athletes new to All Star. Members have access to multiple 12-week courses which include weekly lesson plans, skills sheets that show coaches how each skill should be taught, a video library, choreography and music for each routine. Don’t forget to check out the provided team-building games and the Superheros Activity Book to make the classes FUN and memorable!
  • Partnering in Education - Diversify and grow your program when you use the tools provided as part of the “All Star Partnering in Education” Program. Created to be a disciplined, safe and structured after-school physical fitness initiative for kindergartners through 6th graders, this “ready-to-go” offering brings All Star directly to the kids.
  • Partnering in Preschool - This layer to the Partnering in Education program brings All Star to preschool-age kids. Based on the same principles but developed for the younger athlete, this program makes learning about All Star fun!
  • How to Start and Run a Dance Program - Dance can be another revenue source for your program and the USASF is here to assist you! Use Dance FUNdamentals and other tools to be successful in adding this program to your facility.
  • Implementing Novice - The Novice tier has been developed to help you attract a new customer base and grow your business by offering a different product for a new type of customer. Take advantage of all Novice has to offer by utilizing this tier as an additional pathway to the growth of All Star!
  • USASF Retention Program - A collection of resources that were developed and tested by current member All Star Programs. They can be used independently or collectively. Feel free to modify any of the programs or projects provided to meet the needs for your region, your business and your socio-economic demographic.
  • Peer2Peer Mentoring - If you are looking for one-on-one advice for growth, retention, customer services tips, parent engagement and much more, apply for a mentor today. The USASF Connections Leaders volunteer their time to help other owners offering their education, experience and expertise in running a successful All Star Program.

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